What We Can Do For You

Mobile Auto Tuning offers a sleuth of services for car tuning, engine upgrades and ECU software patches to help you pimp out your ride. Our range of offers is listed below.

Economy Tuning

This is a popular choice now because fuel continues to get more expensive. Our team of mechanics can recalibrate the engine control unit to promote maximum fuel efficiency. We increase the torque so you do not need to change the gear or accelerate that often. Economy tuning makes the car more drivable and improves MPG. This type of tuning is designed to keep turbo diesel engines running at optimum efficiency.

Gearbox remapping

Remapped gearbox not only “unleashes” more torque power, but allows for faster shifting time. Remapping allows smoother shifting, while resetting max and min RPM for up and down shifts.

Key coding

Ordering a replacement key from your car company might take a while a cost a fortune. Our key coding service can instantly make you a new key or copy existing one.

Power Tuning - Stage 1

This type of service is for an unmodified standard car with no upgrades. Stage 1 Remap increases torque and fuel efficiency. It targets the flat spots and removes them to create a more responsive vehicle that you can drive with maximum reliability.

Power Tuning - Stage 2

Stage 2 tuning calls for a bigger increase in the power and torque than Stage 1. You can improve the efficiency of your car drastically with this tuning. The car needs to go through hardware upgrades before it can be remapped for Stage 2. Flat spots are also removed during this stage.

Power Tuning - Stage 3

This is for cars with many hardware upgrades and requires a completely tailored remap with up-rated fix-ins. We carry it out on a rolling road and monitor the parameters. Some vehicles do not qualify for this tuning. Share your car’s specifications and we will tell you which is the right option for you.

Mixed Tuning

The best type of engine tuning is to balance the car performance with fuel economy. It is requested by regular car drivers because they want the best of both worlds. We provide the upgrades your engine needs to achieve optimum performance.

DFP Delete

The diesel particulate filter or DPF can lead to poor fuel economy and cause a lot of other issues with the performance. We have the software knowledge and skills to delete the DPF from all ECU. You can drive without any trouble and the filter will no longer cause the car to enter limp mode because of regeneration.

EGR Delete

The exhaust gas recirculation can be removed from the vehicle. The valves built into the system are removed with the help of blanking plates while for others we can use EGR Delete kits. After the valve is removed the ECU will not receive signals from it. We can reprogram the ECU to turn off the emissions workshop light too.

DTC Delete

The fault codes which alert the driver of any faults in the ECU can also be removed. You can choose which ones you want to delete. These are useful when you are retrofitting the car or removing certain parts so the software does not show any errors.

AdBlue/SCR Delete

The AdBlue is a complex system made up of sensor, pumps and modules. A regularly used vehicle needs the AdBlue tank filled often. Deleting this service can disable the system and remove all the associated dashboard notifications. It is usually done through reprogramming but some cars also require a small electronic unit installed.

Lambda/O2 Removal

The engine management fault code and notification light can be a pain to deal with after decatting. We can disable the lambda sensor through careful recalibration. The sensor monitors the catalytic converter efficiency and disabling it will allow you to use a decat pipe without triggering the system.

Swirl Flap Delete

The flap design is supposed to reduce emissions and increase the vehicle’s power by allowing the air and fuel to mix efficiently. You can replace the flap but that offers no benefits and they can cause irreversible damage to the engine so removing them would be the best choice. The car will still pass the emissions test and you will not see any difference in the fuel economy.

Speed Limit/VMAX Disable

Many vehicles come with a speed limit applied by the factory or a third party. The limiter comes as part of an agreement between car manufacturers. Luxury cars like BMW come with a limit of 250 km/h. We can adjust the ECU to remove the limit so your car can attain maximum velocity.

Pops & Bangs

When the engine decelerates, the fuel is switched off and does not enter the combustion chamber but adding a pops & bangs patch will let the injectors stay open even after the throttle plate closes. The spark timing is adjusted to allow the fuel to ignite and create tiny explosions in the exhaust chamber. These can be heard as popping or banging and may be seen in the form of flames emerging from the silencer adding showmanship to the vehicle.

Hard Cut/Popcorn Limiter

Popcorn limiters are in high demand, especially for diesel cars. It changes the vehicle’s behaviour when the engine reaches the rpm limit. With a popcorn limiter instead of staying at that limit point, the engine will bounce at the limiter as the petrol engine does. It is a feature we can enable during remapping to change how the vehicle sounds and behaves at the limit.

Launch Control

With the launch control, the driver can quickly start up the car. It delivers the right amount of power to keep the vehicle from spinning or bogging down. The launch control remapping limits the rpm at low speed to control the wheel power. Once the vehicle gains speed, all the power is activated.

Hot Start Fix

Battery wear on a car can lead to a problem with the hot start. You can either replace the battery or fix it with a remap. Usually, the battery works fine and has dropped below the optimum level. With the patch, you will no longer have a problem when starting up a hot car.

Cold Start Noise Reduction

Engines make a rattling start when you cold start it and then the sound goes away after a few seconds. It can start up again after an extended time from the other side. We can fix that with a quick patch.